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Mid Media campaign for BBC WST

Street Theatre based awareness campaign to mobilize left out and resistive communities to adopt nine key behaviours related to birth

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Our Work

Bihar, under project ANANYA, funded by Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation in 8 districts, has targeted 9 key behaviours related to Mother & Child Health. The intervention is for 5 years with specific indicators and expected outcomes. BBC World Service Trust is the consortium partner responsible for the 360° campaign targeting BCC through the project ‘Shaping Demand and Practices’. We are implementing the mid-media campaign for BBC WST using street theatre based campaign in the 8 districts.

The theatre based campaign is being held at in eight districts namely Patna, Saharsa, Gopalgunje, East and West Champaran, Samastipur, Begusarai and Khagaria covering 1111 Gram Panchayats targeting the Mahadalits communities. 10000 theatre shows were divided in 3 phases. The same 1111 Gram Panchayats were visited thrice in the 3 phases with 3 thematic areas. A rapid appraisal study helped in developing understanding on current level of awareness, prevalent practices and barriers of the target communities. A total 24 local performing teams were trained and engaged for holding interactive theatre shows. Centralized workshops were held to standardize the content and format. Local youths were engaged and trained as coordinators to facilitate post show audience interaction and document audience feedback. The theatre based campaign was coordinated with the mass media bursts achieve both spread and depth for the communication efforts and references of mass media tools like radio and TV programs etc. developed by BBC WST were built in the play to bring greater synergy. Vikas Mitras, dedicated for over all development of the Mahadalits by Bihar Government were roped in the campaign.


Each of 3 phases targeted a set of behaviours related to the 9 identified key behaviours of BBC WST communication. Detail communication plan and message lines were drawn up for each phase as detailed below:


Phase I: Birth Preparation – The play revolved around 4 knots for remembering 4 key actions
Registration of pregnant woman
Saving money for emergency during delivery
Benefits of institutional delivery and JSY
Remembering 3 critical numbers – ASHA, Hospital and Ambulance service (102)

Phase II: Nutrition
Early and exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months
Addressing myths and misconceptions related to complimentary feeding
Complimentary feeding after 6 months – What, how much, how to prepare, how to feed

Phase III: Family Planning
Need for family planning
Importance of spousal discussion for deciding family size and method of family planning
Importance of Birth Spacing
Contraceptives as an empowering tool for couples


The first round of campaign has led to overall improvement in seeking services by the community. The front line workers have commented that ANC / PNC, institutional delivery, registration with ASHA have increased considerably after the shows. Rate of registration of women which was around 4-5 women a month have risen to 10 – 12 a month.

The campaign has created an impact in the Mahadalit Tolas and other media dark areas where people are mostly ignorant of the health issues. The villagers have pointed out that the show will certainly help to improve their practices on birth preparation and nutrition.

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