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Health & Santitation

Empowering people and communities with knowledge and skills and motivating and mobilizing then to adopt healthier behavioural practice using culture as a tool.

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  • 2 Providing Health Benefits
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  • 4 Sensitisation workshops
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Our Work

Theatre is used extensively to build mass awareness on hygiene and sanitation, immunization, reproductive and sexual health, disease prevention etc. . We train grass root health workers in culture based tools like storytelling, role play, use of masks to make communication interesting and effective. Local culture is used as a tool for opening up two way communication and creating local identity. The use of theatre helps in building capacities of local performing groups in carrying out interactive shows which leads to sustenance musch beyond the project cycle. Capacity Building with attitudinal and life skills leads to empowerment and networking with linkages are undertaken by bringing in all stakeholders together for collective action and greater ownership.

What we do
Developing Communication Plan
Rapid assessment is undertaken in intervention areas for identifying local factors like prevalent myths & misconceptions, mapping local socio-cultural and dialect variations, available resources for cultural groups as well as supply chain. Based on the assessment communication needs are identified with area wise message prioritization and a detailed communication plan is developed.
Developing Ground Communication Mechanism
A detailed communication plan is developed. Interactive show based campaigns are held with workshop trained local resource groups. Grassroots service providers are trained in Behaviour Change Communication techniques using cultural tools like story telling. Sensitization and capacity building workshops are held with local stakeholders like PRI, CBOs, and NGOs for clarification of roles and responsibilities and establishing linkages. Capacity building workshops are held with target groups for orienting them and empowering them with life skills for enabling self led actions. 
Undertaking B-O-T Model
A Build-Operate-Transfer method is followed. The local organizations are involved at all stages of the work. The mechanism is developed in their presence so that they can learn about the process hands on. The mechanism is operated for a while in their presence and eventually transferred to them.

Impact Assessment
Impact assessment studies are undertaken through survey as well as consultative community meetings to gauge the impact of communication initiatives, retention of messages and identifying behaviour change indicators.


• Women,Men,Adolescents,children and vulnerable communities

• Grassroot health workers, like ASHA, AWW, ANM, LHV, MHV and the line department


• FBO’s

• CBO’s

• Sanitary Motivators, Sanitary marts

• Peer Educators, NGO field workers, VCTC counselors, High Risk People like CSW, Truckers, Migrant Communities, Labours, Youth, Stakeholders from tourism and transport Industry and other vulnerable communities




Client/ Project


Year Duration

Malda and Purulia district of West Bengal


Awareness Campaign and capacity building



IUCD and Sterilisation,  Jansankhya Sthirta Kosh

Mass Awareness



Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Bihar

Safe Abortion, IPAS

Mass Awareness

2009, 2011




Mass Awareness


Mother and Child Health



Capacity building of SHG members




Mass Awareness


Strengthen community participation in VHND & CDM



Mass Awareness





Capacity building of Gond community



West Bengal, Bihar


Mass Awareness


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We have worked extensively in Sanitation Campaign

Target Group
Issues Addressed

Rural Mass

Theatre Ventriloquism Shows
- in West Bengal, Udaipur & Dungarpur

Myths, misconceptions and behaviourial change issues

Sanitary Marts

Sensitisation cum Communication Training
- Capacity Building Workshop
  •    at 34 Blocks of 4 districts in WB
  •    at 3 blocks in Udaipur district
  •    at 2 blocks in Dungarpur district 

Workshop Agenda

• Appraisal of local situation
• Different Modes and Medium of Communication
• Storytelling as a Communication tool
• Participatory planning, Soliciting feedback, Skill development
• Orientation on Planning for Behaviourial Change Communication




Block Office

Slum dwellers in Urban

-Theatre shows
-House to house visits
-Involving the community using
different culture based activities

  • - at slums in Kolkata (Project KEIP)
    and in 4 municipal areas (Project KUSP)
Garbage Disposal
  • • Forming user groups for O&M of assets through participatory contribution
    • Creating public platforms for discussion
    • Mobilised community led initiatives in building a clean slum
    • Involved stakeholders like Ward Conservancy Department

Community Resource

Capacity Building Workshop

  • - in West Bengal, Udaipur &  Dungarpur

Developing local resource group(s) and linking them with Block office for campaign sustenance.

Special Focus : HIV

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Our Success stories and flagship initiatives
Establishing Ground Communication Mechanism for NRHM
Ground communication mechanism was established for National Rural Health Mission on behalf of Udaipur district administration in five blocks of Udaipur district in Rajasthan. The initiative led to effective capacity building of ASHA in behaviour change communication. The sensitization and capacity building of other stakeholders like PRI, ANM, AWW, SHGs ,local NGO field workers etc led to increased role clarity and cooperation. The awareness initiative led to increased demand for the services amongst the rural communities.
Mobilising Behaviour Change
1500 interactive street theatre based campaigns was held in urban slums of 27 towns across UP,Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand on home based Diarrhoea management on behalf of Abt Associates. Over a third of the target audience in the slums were reached by the campaign. An assessment study undertaken six months after the campaign in the target areas show higher awareness and knowledge about the correct steps for diarrhoea management among those exposed to the campaign. The assessment showed more than 90% retention of the five primary messages amongst the primary care givers.
Establishing Implementaion Mechanism
Initiative was undertaken for rural Sanitation on behalf of Udaipur district administration in 3 tribal blocks of Udaipur district administration in 3 tribal blocks of Udaipur in Rajasthan with extremely poor sanitation coverage at the household level. Holding theatre based campaign on importance of sanitation generated demand for the services and increased awareness on where and whom to approach for the services. The sensitization and capacity building workshops held with stakeholders like PRI members and staff, Prerak, ASHA,Teachers, SHG’s, Gram Sevaks, Nigrani committee members NREGS, VEC members, Community leaders, masons etc. led to increase motivation ,ownership leading to demand responsive service delivery. The theatre based capacity building workshops also helped in developing bottom up micro planning and establishing monitoring mechanism.
BOT at Andhra Pradesh
A Build-operate-transfer model was undertaken for PSI Andhra Pradesh for STI control projects across five towns of Andhra Pradesh. PSI personnel were trained in all aspects of undertaking ground communication including planning logistics, identifying and training local resource group, feedback collection and documentation. Peer educators were also trained in inter personal communication techniques as part of the initiative. The six months initiative led to a year long successful campaign run by PSI
Behaviour Change Communication on Pulse Polio
Community mobilization initiatives were undertaken on behalf of Unicef in the resistance pockets of Howrah (Uluberia, Panchla, Sankrail, Uluberia Municipality,Howrah Municipal Corporation) South 24 Parganas (Magrahat, Maheshtala Municipality) and Kolkata Municipal Corporation  of West Bengal. Theatre and folk based campaigns were held on the importance of Polio Immunization followed by house to house visits and capacity building of local NGO field workers and health workers in behaviour change techniques. Use of folk media was another effective strategy used in this phase. In places where the community workers and our field workers were unable to enter the household, after performance of Fakiri songs where messages on Polio eradication were disseminated, the intervention became easier. A total of 620 theatre shows were held between August and November,2011, reaching out to 73000 people. 

Click to see the video - Campaign on Polio immunisation
Download India Communication Update (ICU) May 2011

Developing Health seeking attitude in Jharkhand
Awareness drive on catch up rounds was undertaken in villages across three districts of Jharkhand on behalf of Dept. of Health and Family Welfare, Govt.of Jharkhand. The initiative led to increase awareness on the twice a year health camps, their locations ,facilities available at the camps and importance of availing their facilities. This led to greater turnout and participation of the rural communities at the camps.
Making Community a stakeholder in building Healthy Environment
An initiative under the Kolkata Environmental Improvement Programme was implemented in various slums of Kolkata city. The initiative could mobilize behaviour change leading to people stopping open defecation and littering with active participation of women and children and youths. A model for community led O&M was also established where slum dwellers formed user groups. In resettlement colonies , building committees have taken up maintenance of the buildings.
Street Theatre based awareness campaign to mobilize left out and resistive communities to adopt nine key behaviours related to birth

We are conducting theatre based campaign in the eight districts of Bihar on RCH. The campaign is being held in the hard to reach areas reaching out to marginalized and resistive communities. The Campaign covers 1111 Gram Panchayats targeting Mahadalit communities.

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Social Communication and Community Mobilization by strengthening community participation in VHND & CDM

This project in Vaishali district of Bihar targets reducing gap between service providers and service seekers and improving demand for health, sanitation and nutrition services.>

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Campaign on Family Planning in Bihar under Project Ujjwal

Strengthening Family Planning in Bihar using Interactive Theatre.

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