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Anti Human Trafficking

We use theatre to empower marginalized, uneducated and poor communities with improved awareness, knowledge and life skills to reduce their vulnerability to trafficking. We use theatre as a tool for researching with community factors leading to proliferation of this heinous crime.

  • 1 Awareness campaign
  • 2 Concentration Activity
  • 3 Observation activity
  • 4 Theatre games to improve flexibility with CRG staff
Social Communication and capacity building for prevention of child labour

There is high prevalence of migration to BT cotton fields for child labour in Rajasthan with the state contributing to 10 percent of India’s child labour. A pilot intervention was undertaken in 8 village Panchayats of Udaipur and Dungarpur in Rajasthan to establish a sustainable and replicable communication mechanism for reaching out to families whose children out migrate for working in BT cotton seed farms and mobilizing community led action for prevention of child labour.

Local Kalajatha folk artists and NGO workers were trained in edutainment based communication. Children groups were trained for peer led communication. Community based organizations like School Management Committees, Village Child Protection Committees were strengthened. Street theatre shows were held to build awareness on hazards faced by the children working in the BT cotton fields, laws against exploitative labour and various entitlements available for poor and marginalized families under education and social security schemes.

Activities with Children
Campaign and Workshop

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