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Women and Children

Women and children, especially those from poor marginalized communities, are a part of the most vulnerable segment of society. We use theatre to build awareness on gender and child rights, women and child health, schemes and opportunities for economic empowerment etc. We use theatre based approaches to mobilise community led action to address issues like health equity and violence against women and children. Theatre in Development is used innovatively to empower women and children with skills to seek and realise their rights.
Glimpses of Our Work

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  • 2 Happy childhood
  • 3 Happy Schooling
  • 4 Health,Hygeine,Education and Childhood
  • 5 My Childhood My Rights
  • 6 Stop Child Abuse
  • 7 Theatre Games For Capacity Building
  • 8 Women Empowerment
Our Work

Rights Awareness and Advocacy

We work with rural and urban children for empowerment through rights awareness. We use theatre to create forums where children voice their needs, demands and concerns. Decisions regarding children’s lives are often based on information provided by the adults. The fact remains that adults cannot think, feel and see life as a child does. Not heeding or being unaware and insensitive to a child’s point of view may have a negative, rather than a positive, impact. As per the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. According to Article 12 of the Convention, children must be asked to give their opinions about all matters affecting them, including its legal and administrative proceedings.
In 2003-2004 we carried out an evaluation of the cooked Mid Day Meal programme in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. We studied the overall impact of the initiative as perceived by the teachers, guardians and students and highlighted areas of concern related to quality of food, infrastructure for cooking and meal preparation, and sustained implementation.

We have used theatre to address issues like violence against women and children. Theatre helps overcome inhibitions in openly discussing such sensitive issues and provides a platform for voicing concerns and joining hands to combat trafficking. We have worked in Goa and  Eastern Himalayas to identify causes and consequences of proliferation of sex tourism and trafficking and mobilise community led action for protecting women and children from abuse. We are working at West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand to prevent trafficking of children for child labour.

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We are undertaking a communication and mobilization program in West Bengal for  building awareness on pitfalls of early marriage and prevent child marriage through child participation. The project targets building an enabling environment for the participation of vulnerable children and adolescents in efforts to prevent Child Marriage. Young Champions are being empowered with skills, knowledge and access to support services for prevention of child marriage.  Children from across the state has launched a Manifesto for preventing Child Marriage.

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We have also worked with women extensively to reduce maternal mortality and feminisation of HIV/AIDS. We have undertaken several awareness campaigns to improve public health by building awareness on immunisation, hygiene, sanitation, home management of diarrhoea, prevention of vector borne diseases like malaria and Avian Influenza. We have also worked towards economic empowerment of women  and provided them livelihood options by way of development of clusters and market linkages,capacity building ,brand building and promotion of handicrafts weaving.The projects worked on were LEAP (leveraging economic ativities of Poor),Knowledge aided  Rural Marketing Initiatives (KARMI) and Jute Diversified products.
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We have involved children in Bihar schools in finding way forward to create an environment of  positive discipline in school. We  use methods based on theatre and arts to make it easy for children to provide information.

As part of the Project Galli Galli Sim Sim - an early childhood educational initiative launched by Sesame Workshop India, we have reached out to more than 140,000 children in 8 slums of Kolkata, 98,000 children in 6 slums of Mumbai,  70,000 children in 4 slums of Delhi and 4 slums , 11,400 children in 7 slums of Jaipur.

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Communication and Life Skill Development

Children from poor and deprived communities have practically  no access to opportunities to address challenges of personal growth and development. We have physically reached out to poor urban communities  using sports, culture, art and theatre through projects like Galli Galli Sim Sim. Theatre is used to build skills like Communication, Active Listening, Artistic Skills, Imagination, Self Awareness.

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Umang was  the National Youth Festival held at Delhi in December,2009 celebrating the hopes and aspirations of adolescent school children across India. The  Festival focused on experiential learning with life skills based approaches. The events of the festival were based on various issues of adolescence concerns including healthy living, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, gender issues, the importance of self esteem and handling peer pressure.

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Capacity Building

We undertook  Capacity Building of resource groups empanelled with Women Development Corporation project in Bihar for theatre based communication on issues like  Dowry, Child Marriage, Witch Hunting, Female Foeticide, Domestic Violence, Legal Literacy and Economic Empowerment.  We also developed monitoring evaluation tools and put together Management Information System (MIS) for WDC to evaluate the campaign in the long run. The assignment also includes capacity building of special groups like organization of CSWs and Nat communities in social campaign.

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Our Work with Women and Children

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