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Ours is a turbo charged work environment where passion runs high. We are an equal opportunity workplace and summarily apolitical. Here roles are offered with no cap on one’s ability to own responsibilities and demonstrate leadership capability. Candidates should be ready to travel and may be required to stay at project locations for a short duration



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Entrepreneurship as a Social Movement: Initiating Change with Values

The common passage of entrepreneurship as an instrument for economic growth is well recognized across the world. This recognition manifests itself in significant public and private initiatives to boost start-ups, growth of small firms, and innovation. However, seldom has entrepreneurship been seen as a vehicle for social and economic development, as a force for effective transformation of our lives through new arrangements for social welfare and exchange, or identification of opportunities for new modes of community-based relationships that harness both the economic power of people and the strength of ties and relationships among people in a society.

Seldom, too, is a new venture in the arts or humanities seen as a platform for economic engagement in the community. But the popularity of social enterprises offers certain palliatives when market or systemic failures abound, and when people come together to seek solutions for problems within their ambit for change.

In January 2018, we organized a seminar at the Taj Bengal Hotel in Kolkata for a discourse on how innovation, entrepreneurship and local skills, supported by a pragmatic and sensitive socio-economic eco-system, can make a comprehensive impact on the development process. The initiative translated into a brainstorming session with thought leaders and industry experts on how to kick-start a Social Entrepreneurship Movement.

The seminar was supported by the British Council and Essex Business School, University of Essex, U.K.

The main objectives were:

1.  To identify the roles of key stakeholders, such as the community, private sector, government organizations, education sector and others, in fostering social and creative entrepreneurship.
2. To explore ideas for developing a sustainable network to share knowledge and resources and leverage existing establishments, policies, and technologies to support an enabling eco-system for promoting entrepreneurship.

3. To establish a platform for free flow of ideas, technologies and resources related to the development of a unique project — ‘Entrepreneurship as a Social Movement’.

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