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Ours is a turbo charged work environment where passion runs high. We are an equal opportunity workplace and summarily apolitical. Here roles are offered with no cap on one’s ability to own responsibilities and demonstrate leadership capability. Candidates should be ready to travel and may be required to stay at project locations for a short duration



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Peace Waves – Building dialogues through media

Peace Waves – Building Dialogues is an initiative by Contact Base  with the support of the U.S Consulate General of Kolkata to engage young people in promoting peace using digital tools, arts and music. Since 2017, we have been working with youths from India, Nepal and Bangladesh for building a regional peace building network called Peaceniks. The group consists of community/campus members, media practitioners, media students, young journalists and NGOs working on non-violence and peace-building. Peace Waves attempts to strengthen this network and take the efforts of peace-building forward. Participants of this initiative is developing knowledge of good practices and creating dialogues among themselves, their peers, families and communities to find ways to address these challenges. Peace Waves has developed various social media pages and also created internet radio programs where stories and initiatives on building peace is being shared. Participants across India, Bangladesh and Nepal are also sharing their stories and creating a network of peace and inclusion.  Peace Waves initiative has reached out to 455 people through Facebook in the last couple of months and to more than 20000 people through the 9 episodes of internet radio. So far the radio episodes covered stories of peace across the globe, human resilience and building dialogues.

A workshop, Art in Digital Space was organised on March 28 and 29, 2019 at the American Center, Kolkata. The objective of the workshop was to engage young people of India, Bangladesh and Nepal to promote peace and social inclusion digitally using social media and internet radio. During the workshop the participants learnt the use of graphic narration, masks and puppetry as medium of storytelling to promote peace and combat violence.

A total of 30 youth (4 from Bangladesh, 4 from Nepal,7 from Assam, 3 from Jharkhand and 12 from West Bengal) participated in the workshop. The participants were mainly students from media schools, artists and community workers. There were representatives from Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts, Visva Bharati University, Gauhati University, Tezpur University, Srijan Foundation -Jharkhand, Institute of Management Studies- Ranchi, Jadavpur University and JU Community Radio, Heritage Academy, Diamond Harbour Women’s University, Gandharba Culture and Art Organisation- Nepal, NAMUNA- Nepal and Rural Womens’ Development and Unity Centre- Nepal.

Theatre artists and puppeteer, Arpita Burman worked with the participants on developing stories of peace building using mask and puppet. The team performed on stories based on addressing religious intolerance, racism, social taboos related to sex. Indrajit Sinha from WAY Foundation, Assam used graphical storytelling as a medium to develop cartoon on various social issues. His session was a continuation to several webinars where he taught the participants the skill of using graphical storytelling. A large number of cartoon stories on gender sensitivity, child rights, respecting the other, and peace were drawn and exhibited at the end. MGIEP shared about their initiative #kindnessmatters wherein the participants will share stories of kindness. The participants also attended brief sessions on digital promotion and developing content for internet radio. The sessions will be followed up through webinars.

The participants have identified strengthening gender sensitivity, promoting respect for the other, and ensuring freedom of choice as areas of action for building a peaceful world. They will be now working on these themes, creating content and sensitising their peers in campus as well as online.

The participants mentioned that the idea of using graphic storytelling and puppetry to give out social messages was new to them. Also, generating awareness on the digital platform using these innovative tools of art was a one of a kind concept that was explored through this workshop.


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